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Our Chosen Charity for 2023 is the Bob Champion Cancer Trust. After Bob Champion and Aldaniti won the 1981 Grand National, ‘racing's greatest fairy-tale’ led to the foundation of The Bob Champion Cancer Trust in 1983. The Trust’s first project was to open its own Unit within the Royal Marsden Hospital, which was achieved five years, nearly to the day, after their Aintree victory. The Trust then concentrated on funding cancer research projects at the Institute of Cancer Research, opening in conjunction with the ICR in 2000, the first male dedicated cancer research facility in Europe – The Bob Champion Cancer Trust Research Centre. In 2015 The Bob Champion Research and Education Building was opened, a state-of-the- art research facility on the University of East Anglia campus costing, in excess, of £19 million.

It is within these two facilities that the Trust’s research projects are now carried out, the main emphasis on human prostate cancer. Every year in the UK over 52,000 men are told they have prostate cancer, sadly, at least 11,000 will die from their disease.

The Trust is currently involved in developing a new test to make the vital distinction between aggressive and less harmful forms of prostate cancer, helping to avoid sometimes damaging, unnecessary treatment. Last year the researchers identified a new category of prostate cancer, this was a very exciting breakthrough for our team at UEA, one which they are aiming to build on for future treatments and diagnostic tests.

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