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With nearly 30 years of great music, live performance and albums, you won't want to miss this incredible band! With their latest album released just last year they'll be bringing you songs you know and love and some of their more current music from Torpedo. 



Saturday 16th September 

Feeder will be our second Saturday Headline act, and boy what a show they will be giving you. 

A tremendous band who started their career in 1994. Feeder have released 10 albums, with all but one achieving a top 20 position. In fact Pushing the Senses reached No. 2 in 2005, and their album Tallulah, released in 2019, reached No.4 

Feeder's latest album Torpedo, was released in 2022, so expect to hear some tracks, together with the many hits they have made during the bands career. 

To find out more about this amazing band head to their official website


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