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Kyros will effectively begin our Prog Rock Day. They are a very very good band, so be sure to get to the festival early. The track Phosphene is just brilliant. This is a band not to be missed.


Saturday 16th September 

Kyros is a UK-based progressive and alternative rock band effectively started in 2012. Known for their innovative sound, and thought-provoking lyrics, the music is influenced- but not exclusively, by the 80's progressive rock scene, With influences ranging from the melodic hooks of pop to the complex rhythms of progressive rock, their 2014 debut album, ‘Synaesthesia received critical acclaim and showcased their talent for blending complex musical arrangements with accessible melodies. Since then, Kyros has continued to push the boundaries of their sound with subsequent releases, including their moody and ambitious 2016 double album, ‘Vox Humana’ and the eighties-inspired album, ‘Celexa Dreams’.


To find out more about this amazing singer head to their official website


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